Bergen Physioterapi Clinic - Physioterapy Watch Service  - is a modern clinic centrally located in Bergen centre. Our activities are based on traditional physiotherapy and we perform all forms of physiotherapy treatments.

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In addition to standard physiotherapy examinations/treatment, I perform/provide consultancy assignments upon request either as individual assignments for one customer or total mapping with regards to ergonomics and organizational conditions within businesses. Target group: individuals – patients, health personnel, businesses, insurance companies and more. We also use many new, technological treatment methods.

Do you want to cure your tennis elbow?

Shockwave therapy is a newly developed and effective alternative to operations or the use of cortisone and pills to counteract damage and long-term pain in tendons and ligaments. Shockwave therapy mobilizes the body’s own ability to cure chronic tendon damage so that it can repair itself. 80% achieve an end to pain after 3-5 treatments. We perform shockwave treatment with SWISS DOLORCLAST® equipment at our clinic:

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