Bends and stretches for SMS fans

So-called mouse elbow is a well-known and widespread phenomenon; long days in front of the PC can rapidly result in stress injuries. However explosive use of text messages may now have lead to a new, modern affliction, namely SMS thumb!

The hand is a ”multitool” on which we humans have always depended to master everyday life. Historically, we have faced varied demands in our lives and we have been able to meet this demand for variation – quite simply by using a wide range of different patterns. Monotony and a lack of variation makes us vulnerable even to small stresses if these are located in isolated parts of our musculature, for example due to PC work (mouse elbow) or within sports such as golf and tennis (golf and tennis elbow).

For the majority of us, SMS communication has become a natural part of leisure time. For a great many SMS is also a part of their working day. In time this activity can lead to overuse, wear and tear injuries and finally to chronic muscle problems. Performing the same, stereotypical operation many times per day over a long period means performing a range of highly repetitive movements in a small number of muscles in the hand and lower arm.

The majority of text messages are written with the aid of the mobile’s keyboard, and this requires unnatural use of the thumb. The thumb is not built to be moved rapidly over small surfaces, such as a mobile telephone keyboard. It is not surprising if we now see a typical illness pattern relating to hands and fingers in today’s young mobile users.

Since SMS problems often arise slowly, the ”operator” will notice the symptoms with sufficient time to prevent major illness. However if you overlook the signals, the problems may become permanent or ’chronic’. The connection is clear – it is important to keep an eye out for it whenever you can!

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If the pains become chronic, treatment will be essential for full restitution. Shockwave therapy may be one of the actions that can be performed without any of the side effects caused by simple medication.

Treatment to solve the problems:

  • Smarter handling of suitable telephones to stop the problem from returning again
  • Preventative stretching exercises, for example see Bends and Stretches for SMS Fans


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