My name is Åse Birkhaug and I trained as a physiotherapist at the State School of Physiotherapy in Bergen.  I am a Specialist in General Physiotherapy and a member of the Norwegian Physiotherapist Association.  I currently operate the firms Bergen Fysioterapi Klinikk-Fysioterapivakten® and Equine Animal Fysioterapi® in Bergen.  My primary professional interests are musculoskeletal disorders and orthopaedics.


  • State School of Physiotherapy in Bergen
  • Specialist in General Physiotherapy, Member of Norwegian Physiotherapist Association (mNFF)
  • Approved Therapeutic Riding Instructor (mNFF), refundable by Norwegian Labour and Welfare Insurance.
  • University of Bergen:
  • Examen  Philosophicum
  • Psychology Foundation Course
  • Methodology and Sociology

Faculty of Medicine, University of Bergen

  • Parts of Healthcare Major, University of Bergen
  • Project Planning, Faculty of Medicine, University of Bergen
  • Financing, Management and Evaluation of Healthcare Services / Projects, Faculty of Medicine, University of Bergen

In addition:

A number of courses at the university and state school, as well as courses and congresses under the auspices of the Norwegian Physiotherapist Association and other arrangers.

EU BioTek:

Course in food intolerance and urinary metabolic profile (UMP)

Special professional experience:

  • Educated as Physiotherapist 1984.
  • Specialist in General Physiotherapy, Norwegian Physiotherapist Association approval 1999.
  • Consulting Physiotherapist at the Labour Services Office in Hordaland.
  • Workplace assessments – Ergonomics

Currently under training as:

Specialist in Rehabilitation with Major in Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, Norwegian Physiotherapist Association


I also operate the firm Aase-Rose-Flower-Creative-Design