Documentary film about the technology behind measuring the body’s
composition with the aid of Body Composition Analyzers from Biospace.

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The technology

Inbody utilizes a technology that is called BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis). BIA is a method that, via the aid of electrical signals, quantifies the composition of the body. The human body chiefly consists of the total water volume in the body and proteins, minerals and fats. The values of these are closely related to health and the physical condition of our body. At the same time it is important to specify that Inbody does not provide any information about the engine of our body, namely our O2 uptake and capacity during endurance activities.

Why use InBody 720 ?

By using Inbody you will obtain a good status report of the composition of the body. With the help of measurements using Inbody you will also be able to detect changes in the body’s composition. The parameters that are measured will also give a good indication of whether the body is in balance or not. Inbody can be used from a health perspective but it also works as a tool for training and achieving results. Many people are preoccupied by weight but it is the composition and the physical condition of the body that really matters.