The soles are specially adapted for each foot and each patient. They comprise Memory Thermo Plastic, a top cover and any corrective inserts. The dynamic plastic part of the sole has a lifetime guarantee.

There are 11 different variants of the sole, over 22 different corrective inserts and 6 different top covers. We can achieve all possible combinations of these.

The soles are manufactured by The Orthotic Group in Canada,

The soles are always supplied in pairs.

They were originally created for top sportsmen but have been further developed to suit everyone. We have soles that suit women’s formal shoes and men’s dress shoes.

The soles provide dynamic support to the foot when you walk and do not lose their function over the course of the day. The aim is to give your foot as much information about your step as possible.

We think in terms of activity rather than passivity.

We construct the sole by determining the thickness of the top cover, the properties of the top cover, thickness of MTP and different modifications so that you receive a sole that suits your activity and use.

In some cases we can also change the colours of the soles...