High quality water distiller from EcoWater.

Distillation with subsequent filtering through a carbon filter is the most effecting purification method for drinking water. It removes up to 99% of substances that may be present in drinking water, for example chlorine, heavy metals, environmental toxins and non-organic minerals (the body cannot use non-organic minerals).

100% of viruses, bacteria and parasites are removed.

The distillers are supplied in 2 sizes. The larger distiller with a 3.8 litre canister purifies up to 23 litres per day at maximum use. The smaller with a 3-litre canister purifies 15 litres per day at maximum use. Both are attractive, worktop models. They are simple to use and a more reasonable and better alternative to bottled water.

Certain areas do not have as clean drinking water as they should, and you will realize this fact from the residue in the purification flask following distilling. Residue from old, worn water pipes or potential leakages into these will lead to undesirable particles in the water. In many places water and sewerage pipes are laid side by side and this can lead to unfortunate leaks.

Pure water is important for the body and has positive effects on health. In the event of dehydration the body will be hydrated faster because distillation leads to smaller water molecules, which can therefore can pass more easily through the cell walls and transport foodstuffs in and waste out.

Distilled water is also ideal to use for coffee and tea, as it will maintain their taste. Distilled water can also be used to fill kettles, cafetieres and other water appliances to stop deposits forming in them.

After three weeks use of pure, distilled water, we recommend ”reactivating” the water with coral sand, VivaTap or similar.