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Calcified Tendinitis of the Shoulder ( Tendinosis Calcarea )

Calcified Tendinitis of the Shoulder is a condition with degenerative changes in the tendon running from the muscles at the top of the shoulder blade ( Musculus Supraspinatus ). On X-ray you often find calcifications in the injured area. It is uncertain how demonstrated calcifications influence the symptoms and the experienced pain range is wide. A calcified shoulder may give severe pain even through ordinary walking. It is also common that it is very painful to sleep on the calcified shoulder and that several directions of shoulder movement provoke pain. It is often very difficult to use the arm at all in the most acute phase of a Calcified Tendinitis of the Shoulder.


Bursitis of the Shoulder ( Bursitis Subacromialis )

Bursitis of the Shoulder is a mechanical irritation of the bursa in the shoulder that results in inflammation or inflammation-like conditions that are extremely painful. It is particularly difficult and painful to raise the arm straight out from the body. The Bursitis pain can be very similar to the pain patients with a Calcified Tendinitis of the Shoulder experience.

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